Configure A Static Ip Address

Routers are, for the most part, easy to configure and maintain, but sometimes there are problems that can be frustrating. solves some common problems people have with their router.

Your wireless router can not only provide you wireless Internet access, but can also connect your computer to other computers and entertainment equipment, such as your HDTV and your play equipment, which you can then use to stream movies . Speed is an important feature when watching streaming movies, games or when you upload and download files.

By default, most home routers do not have security configured out of the box. This means that your neighbor can easily connect to your wireless network and surf the Web without you knowing. If this happens, they use your bandwidth you pay to browse the Internet freely. But that’s not all. Without proper security in place, your router and any network device connected to it (computer, cell phone, etc.) becomes visible to anyone who can see your wireless signal. From there it is super easy for a hacker to connect to your computer and view your files, or worse, steal / delete your data.

Each wireless home network, there is an access point or router. The equipment that your Internet line is connected. To configure the router, manufacturers provides a Web page. The manufacturer will provide a web address number to grasp, usually “”. The equipment configuration page appears. There you can enter your password. The manufacturer will provide the default password for the equipment. Change the password immediately, the first time you use it. If you use a wireless network now and have not changed. Change now. You do not want a stranger change your wireless network configuration to make you useless.

It is usually not as simple as just block their IP addresses. Serious spammers use random IP addresses while blocking IP can get rid of them for a short time, this will ultimately prevent legitimate comments from being posted. Spammers are also known to have hijacked IP addresses of others. But as a solution to short-term emergency, you can try. The IP address is included in the information packet for the comment; It is similar to a traceable phone number. Look for clear patterns in your IP numbers.

Make sure the modem is connected to the Internet indicated by a soft green on the modem hardware. then connect the router to a power source and turn it on.

You really do not need to mount different DHCP computers if you use this unique IP address, and it would make things very simple important, since you do not need additional switches if you use this address as your router is competent to achieve virtually any task.

Your IP numbering should begin with the router. This device is the center of your network; Imagine a star with rays of light emanating from him. Each cable or wireless signal is one of these light rays. The ends of these rays are where your devices are. If the router is the number of computers and other devices should be numbered, Do not assign the same address to two devices.

Next, connect your router to your computer using a network cable. This will be temporary. Once setup is complete, you can connect wirelessly. Choose one computer for configuration, even if you connect more computers later. If your router comes with a software you can use to perform the configuration.

Click “Apply” for the changes to take effect and the router will be updated. When the router is updated, return to the Internet icon at the bottom right of the page and click the left mouse button. You must have the new “Name (SSID)” as Internet connection. If everything went to plan, you can remove the cable and browse the Internet, wireless style. This is the only way to go!